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Steiner Crumar

A while back i got this beautiful instrument from a friend. Here is small article on how it works with some small sound samples. The instrument is developed by Nyle Steiner. For more about him and the EVI synths visit his site. More info on Steiner can be found on the synthmuseum

The synth

The Steiner Crumar is a symple breath controled synthesizer. With the knobs on the picture above you choose the basic sound and how it reacts on how hard you blow the horn.

Here is a sound sample from just one note with first the res turned way back and then at about 3 o'clock, only changing how hard i blow..

The horn

With the buttons 1, 2 and 3 you play the notes, but unlike a trumpet there is only on and off. So that gives eight combinations. With button 5 the note you play goes down a fourth. So that makes 16 different combinations. Here is a chart i made with the notes when the open note is tuned to C. With turning 6 you change the octave. There are 7 octaves on the instrument. When button 4 is pushed the notes 'slide' from one to the other. The port knob sets how quick that is done. Listen here, first with button 4 open and then closed with the port on a short time and then with the port on long time playing two C's an octave apart. .