This is the personal page of Elly Spijkerman

I am an aquatic ecologist specialized on the ecophysiology of phytoplankton.
As a freelance biologist, I offer
- writing popular scientific biological text in English and Dutch
- Assistance with writing proposals in science
- translating popular scientific biological text from German to English and Dutch

My specialized topics are
nature and nature conservation in Brandenbrug / Germany,
freshwater ecology,
peat meadow areas,
effects of climate change on plants and aquatic systems,
peat bogs

Contact me at for more information!

You can visit:

my Curriculum Vitae (englisch) / Lebenslauf (Deutsch)

my PhD-thesis about phosphorus uptake kinetics in desmids

Dutch Desmid Society

Moorpaten beim Bund

University of Potsdam / Institute of Biochemistry and Biology